Highscores for XNA 4.0 test release

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I've heard the requests, and decided that they are right: It's better to release something that probably works for Xbox for XNA 4.0 now, and then follow up with the Phone version later.

Thus, here is a TEST VERSION of the highscores component for XNA 4.0, suitable for use on Xbox. It is not suitable for use with release games on Windows, because the GamerServces networking syste (Games for Windows Live!) isn't actually available in release form unless you have a separate GfWL! agreement with Microsoft.

Right now, this is a ZIP file, that may or may not build in your system -- it's a TEST release. Right now, I'm looking for feedback -- does this build and work on your Xbox, for your game?

I've started separating how highscores work internally, to support different use cases. In the end, highscores for XNA on Windows and Phone will have to use HTTP to talk to some back-end server, whereas Xbox Live Indie Games can still use the peer-to-peer score sharing mechanism. (I recommend that you leave your own Xbox signed in all the time, to provide at least one available peer for sharing highscores at all times!)

So, please try this out (same license as version 2), and let me know how it works for you. If you get a compiler error or two, please first try to figure out why it is, before you file a bug report -- there are some configuration options to make it do different things for Windows, Phone and Xbox, and especially the Windows version of various games may current be pointed at the (not yet complete) Phone implementation rather than the Xbox implementation.

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