The RayCar ODE physics demo (with source code)

The ODE physics library ( has been around for a long time. Often, people ask "how do I do a good arcade car" or "how do I do a good character simulation" using ODE.

I wrote the RayCar demo a long time ago, to show how to do exactly those things. It also does some other things, like show how to render light mapped geometry using D3D shaders, and using an XInput game pad controller, but mostly it's about the physics.

In March 2012, I took a new stab at building a raycar demo using the current ODE 0.12 version, and using OpenGL instead of Direct3D, in a nod to cross-platform. There's still some Windows dependencies in window and input handling, and the physics model is new and not yet as well tuned, but you may want to check it out nevertheless:

Note that that repository also contains a bug fix for the dJointContact joint in the ODE library -- a bug that has probably been there for 10 years! I've provided the patch to the project, and hopefully it will be merged back in.

The original article describing the demo is below: