Enchanted Age Policies

Enchanted Age is the business name for a single hobby developer.

While I make every attempts to produce high quality software, I don't have the resources of a mega-corporation.
The good news is that I also don't need to sell all your private information like a mega-corporation, so there is that.
Use of software produced by me is on the following conditions:

- Use must be at the user's own risk for any and all possible damages, including but not limited to loss of data, loss of concentration, and loss of sanity.
- In any event, the maximum recourse and limitation of liability for any and all possible claims by you against me is the amount of money you have paid to me (directly or indirectly through an intermediary such as Google Play App Store.)
- In lieu of action in a US court, should we not be able to reach an amicable solution to any problem, you agree to submit to binding arbitration in the county of San Mateo, California.

If you do not accept these terms, please return the software to the place you purchased it and do not use the software.