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Making a sprite follow a path

A while back, I posted a simple program on the XNA forums that showed how to define a path, and then have objects follow that path. I figured I'd copy the code from there onto this site, for easy reference. The program below is a command-line C# program; you can compile it from the command line with "csc flypath.cs" and run it to test it out. Or you can copy the "follower" class from the middle, and use it in your XNA project. (The additional code, including the declaration of Vector2, is just there to make the test program work stand-alone)

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Wavemix -- a simple command-line wave file mixing tool for Windows

Wavemix is a command line WAVE file mixer. It is somewhat intelligent about mixing
multiple channels and might even be able to re-sample various sample rates. The
source code is included (requires STK to build).

Usage: wavemix [/SR 44100] [/16] [/GAIN g] infile1.wav ... outfile.wav

Supports at most 19 input files and one output file.

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XNA Creators Club game ratings categories

I realized that there is no available description of the different XNA game ratings other than on the actual game submit and review forms, which aren't easily found through search engines (and require sign-up and attempted game submissions to actually get to read). So here are an excerpt of the descriptions, as of 2008-12-18:

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Ah, yes, GCC and MSVC... Or, two compiler bugs in two hours.

Why is it that seemingly every week-end project ends up in tears and teeth gnashing over broken tools, instead of sweet progress? Why do computer companies keep cramming useless features into bloatware, instead of just making what they have, actually work?

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More PIX for Windows problems. This time, I think it's NVIDIA's fault.

It seems to me as if PIX for Windows, and its integration with the NVIDIA device drivers, has just gone downhill during the last year or so. I have a single project, which can demonstrate bugs both in the latest NVIDIA graphics drivers, and in the PIX tool itself.

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Rigid Body Physics in C#

Let's assume you're trying to simulate a car driving on an uneven terrain (perhaps some sort of heightmap). Let's assume you know how to measure the distance from the car's chassis to the heightmap ground at any position (typically, measure the height of the heightmap, and subtract the height of the car at that point in the XZ plane).

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Profiling an XNA game on Xbox

This code file implements a simple profiler for XNA games that run on the Xbox.
It allows you to measure the amount of time spent in different parts of your code,
and bins the different durations into statistics bins (so you can see if it's
"spiky" or even).

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HTTP-GET source code download

If you've ever wanted to read web pages into your C or C++ program, then this code is for you. It's the smallest possible code that will let you read arbitrary web URLs into your own program. It does NOT have any kind of interesting features, and is not coded to be fully standards compliant, but:

  • it comes with source
  • it's very small
  • it works
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Myths and realities related to high-quality digital audio formats

On competent recordings of normal program material, with excellent equipment, nobody has shown that they can consistently tell the difference between redbook (regular CD audio, at 44.1 kHz sampling rate and 16 bit word depth) and higher-rate/wider audio formats.

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A really rough week-end (bugs in HLSL, XNA and PIX for Windows)

I had a rough week-end. Well, no, no laid-off engineer entered our offices and shot people dead, and my house didn't burn down, but still.

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