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What can I do with music, really? FFT and the XNA content pipeline

I was unhappy with the low resolution of the visualization data that you get out of the XNA framework MediaPlayer. If you want to synchronize gameplay to music, the data you get is not sufficient.

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A very large number

Here's a number. Anyone care to guess what it is?


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Range queries in key/value stores, part two

In my previous blog entry, I talked about cross-shard transactional integrity for key/value stores, and how SQL databases have solved this problem. I also poked fun at some of the best known key/value stores for not quite solving all of my problems for me, for free. Go read it, it's fun times!

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Cross-shard transactional integrity

I've been looking at NoSQL data stores for online transaction processing lately. Yes, related to work :-)

The basic model of a key/value store, where the value is a JSON object or similar, only gets you so far. The bonus with it is that it is very, very easy to horizontally partition ("shard" or "federate"). The draw-back is that you really can't do any online queries on anything other than primary key values. If you're trying to do a query on, say, "any foobar created between 2011-01-05 and 211-01-06" then you're screwed -- you have to traverse the entire data store to find that.

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Node.js Mersenne Twister random number generator module

I made a Node.js module. It's a packaging and slight update of the JavaScript implementation of the Mersenne Twister random number generator (which is a really high quality generator, as well as pretty fast).

I'm hoping you can soon get it with npm:

$ npm install mersenne

Usage is simple:

r = require('mersenne');

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Things that are broken in California -- a k a "If I were Governor..."

There are a bunch of things that are systemically broken in California, and the state would do a lot better if these could be fixed. The problem is, the far left and far right aren't much in agreement about how to fix it, or even what it is that is broken.

ProceduralPlanet for XNA 4.0

/* jwatte's ProceduralPlanet sample working on XNA 4.0!  Although I do see 
some small jaggy edges near the polls of the planet that was not a problem 
in the original.  It may have something to do with the fact that I changed the 
heightTexture from SurfaceFormat.Single to SurfaceFormat.Color because I 
was getting the following runtime error in XNA4 that did not occur on XNA3:  
"XNA Framework HiDef profile requires TextureFilter to be Point when using 
texture format Single."
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Two product ideas

I've been thinking about two separate products that I'd want to purchase if they existed, but they don't. For an enterprising entrepreneur, this might be the point where you MAKE one of those products, and see if there's a market. However, I'm already enterprising within IMVU, and as they say -- ideas are a dime a dozen, it's execution that counts.

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In a browser

I'm taking some time to learn how to actually use Unity3d.

Here's a screen shot of my initial set-up for "space invaders in a browser" (or probably more like "galaga" or "galaxians" or something). Btw: I'm sure those are all trademarked names of games, and they are only used for comparison in this article.

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Dealing with noise and off-center in joystick input

A joystick is a nice input device for certain kinds of games, like flight simulators, space games, etc. A mini-version of the joystick is the gamepad, ubiquitous in console games.

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