Two product ideas

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I've been thinking about two separate products that I'd want to purchase if they existed, but they don't. For an enterprising entrepreneur, this might be the point where you MAKE one of those products, and see if there's a market. However, I'm already enterprising within IMVU, and as they say -- ideas are a dime a dozen, it's execution that counts.

However, if you are looking for ideas to build upon for your next start-up/chick-magnet/science-fair-project, here they are:

1) A HTML5/JavaScript GUI application builder, written in HTML5/JavaScript. Really -- there's no reason why any modern application shouldn't be written in HTML5 and JavaScript. It provides very good layout capability, and it performs well in modern browsers. Tie it in with a pluggable database/store back-end (for things you can't use client-side storage for), and you have a full-featured application development environment that can talk to EVERYTHING.
Currently, when I need little applications, like a Magic life counter with history and undo, or a family budget I can enter into from my cell phone and control cumulative behavior of each account for, or an address book/mail merger I can share with my wife, I have to either crack out vim and hack it out manually, or write it as a "fat" app in .NET.

2) An audio mixer (the hardware kind) that doesn't have 100 little buttons and potentiometers that go all oxidized in a year or two, needing you to wiggle cables and toggle buttons to get back the sound when the left channel suddenly goes out during a Ring Cycle aria or something. Instead, a number of stereo inputs in the back go straight to 24-bit ADCs; a cellphone-style touch-screen LCD controls the mixing, and a stereo/6-channel/headphones output completes the packet. USB interface support optional, but would be nice. I'm thinking a GUI that lets you "merge" and "unmerge" various channels and controls to control them all at once (things like EQ, bussing, and whatnot) -- that's basically "free" if it's all done in software, except for that Small Matter of Programming. End-user ARM-based LCD touch eval kits are $100-$150, and end-user USB stereo I/O modules are $30, so you could quite likely build something like this with 10 in / 4 out for about $200 market price.
Currently I have a 10-in 2-out Behringer on my desk to mix an iPod and two separate computers into a set of headphones, and it really has all the quality that you'd expect from a $79 mixer whose design is a rip-off and whose assembly is sourced by the lowest bidder...

There you have it: Two ideas waiting to take the world by storm. I'll be happy to be your first tester ;-)