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Not really skills related.
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Protection for Computer Software

Note that this is not legal advice, because legal advice applies to any particular situation. This is just an overview of different kinds of protection for computer software. There are four kinds of protection that generally apply to computer programming:

Galactic Trail - A Space-Based Real-Time Strategy Game for Xbox Live Community Games

After working on the 3D game Ko-Ado the Cloud for the Dream-Build-Play competition, I decided to relax with a simpler, 2D-based game. And what better genre to start out with than the real-time strategy game?

Life just doesn't live up to the hype

I don't get it -- why can't things work the way they are supposed to?

I recently had a birthday, and bought myself a shiny new Logitech diNovo Edge bluetooth keyboard for my home theater PC (which is a Mac Mini running Vista Ultimate). Totally not necessary, but hey: birthday!

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A few application performance sins

I use and try out a lot of software, just by doing a lot of different kinds of work. I edit audio, I draw vector graphics, I edit photos and textures, I edit 3D models, I work on presentations, spreadsheets and written documents. Then, I do work as a software programmer, with an IDE, text editor, debugger, and the actual program I'm debugging.

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A mountain!

Here is a model (in .X format and .max source file format) and texture for a mountain, 500x500 meters in size, 100 meters tall.
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More XNA hacking

I've been hacking on XNA again. This time, I built a car simulation out of rays and a tire friction model. I'm using JigLibX for collision detection and force integration, but I'm not using the built-in car simulation, as it didn't get me the response I needed.

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Speaker Power Ratings

One question that consumers often have relating to speakers, Hi-Fi and home theater systems, is "why are different systems rated for different amounts of watts, and why do watts matter anyway?"

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It's running on the Xbox, too.

As I've mentioned at times, I sometimes scratch my coding itch by hacking around with Microsoft XNA Game Studio for Visual Studio Pro 2005 (now that's a mouthful!). The cool thing with it is that you can write games that run both on Xbox 360 and regular PCs. Recently, I got a new project up and running on the Xbox, and here's a screen shot.

A crazy mish-mash of game development code snippets

I'm hoping that I can migrate all of the various game development snippets I've written over the years into this one site.

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Carworld: A Rigid Body Dynamics Car Game

Car Simulation Using the Open Dynamics Engine

I've put together a simple demo of a four-wheeled car using the ODE dynamics engine and some rather crude OpenGL graphics. It uses Hinge2 joints for the suspension, and additionally adds friction, damping, sway bar, inner and outer turn radius, and other controls to make the driving better and make the car not immediately flip over.

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