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Not really skills related.
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HouseMaker -- simple cutout creation from texture images

Recently, I had the need to turn a hundred different texture images into "profiles." A profile, in this case, was a 2D shape that follows the outline of some feature in the texture (like a house facade), texture mapped with that feature. Rather than build them all in a modeler such as 3ds Max, and separately exporting them, I came up with a simple tool for loading a bunch of images, building those profiles straight on a copy of the image using clicking, saving all the profiles I've built (for later re-use or editing), and exporting to a bunch of .DAE (collada) or .X files in one fell swoop.

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Microsoft Connect issues

Microsoft has the Connect site, which works as a public feature request and bug report database for most of Microsofts products. At times, I do file bug reports on that site. The bugs have a "vote" feature, where the Microsoft groups apparently may pay more attention to a bug with higher votes.

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Ultimate Sleight of Hand (MMO FPS where everybody wins)

Thinking about how a MMO FPS like Planetside was most fun when you were in a good group, and you were winning, I started thinking about how you could set up a situation where each side can have the impression that it's winning. Playing FPS against NPCs is not as much fun as playing against other people, so it seems like a preposterous idea at the outset.

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XNA, light mapping, specular

I've been working on a GPU accelerated light map generator for XNA for a little while. I'm using the light map only to tell shadow/light for each surface for each light, and then solving the basic light equation (ambient + diffuse + specular + emissive) per pixel, multiplied by shadow.

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HLSL and Effect file syntax highlighting language definition file for the Notepad++ editor

Attached, please find a syntax highlighting file for HLSL and Effect files for Notepad++. This file is substantially better than the one available on the Notepad++ main download site:

  • It adds all of the Effect file tokens, in UPPERCASE and ProperCase forms.
  • It defines operators to let the built-in functions be recognized.
  • It recognizes preprocessor directives.
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Jon's textures page

Sometimes, I create textures. Most of the time, they are crap, but sometimes, they are nice. Especially when I start from some other art (which is always re-usable). I place these textures in the public domain -- do with them what you will!

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XNA Creators Club game ratings categories

I realized that there is no available description of the different XNA game ratings other than on the actual game submit and review forms, which aren't easily found through search engines (and require sign-up and attempted game submissions to actually get to read). So here are an excerpt of the descriptions, as of 2008-12-18:

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A really rough week-end (bugs in HLSL, XNA and PIX for Windows)

I had a rough week-end. Well, no, no laid-off engineer entered our offices and shot people dead, and my house didn't burn down, but still.

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Safe Save for file data

Sometimes, you may find that you're trying to re-write an existing file, but if you write less data than was in the file originally, there will be old data left over at the end of the file. However, this shows a bigger problem with your file handling.

You should generally not re-write the same file in place. Instead, use a "safe save," where you do the following:

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