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HouseMaker -- simple cutout creation from texture images

Recently, I had the need to turn a hundred different texture images into "profiles." A profile, in this case, was a 2D shape that follows the outline of some feature in the texture (like a house facade), texture mapped with that feature. Rather than build them all in a modeler such as 3ds Max, and separately exporting them, I came up with a simple tool for loading a bunch of images, building those profiles straight on a copy of the image using clicking, saving all the profiles I've built (for later re-use or editing), and exporting to a bunch of .DAE (collada) or .X files in one fell swoop.

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The Direct3D/XNA vertex transform pipeline -- how to go between model coordinates and screen coordinates, and back again!

1) WORLD matrix. This takes vertices from object-local space (0,0,0 in the middle of the object) to world space (position and orientation applied based on 0,0,0 at your "world origin" position). This is a convenient space to do normal mapped lighting and environmental reflection in.

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HLSL and Effect file syntax highlighting language definition file for the Notepad++ editor

Attached, please find a syntax highlighting file for HLSL and Effect files for Notepad++. This file is substantially better than the one available on the Notepad++ main download site:

  • It adds all of the Effect file tokens, in UPPERCASE and ProperCase forms.
  • It defines operators to let the built-in functions be recognized.
  • It recognizes preprocessor directives.
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The Simple Audio Plug-in Specification

The Simple Audio Plugin Specification
Preview release 2009-01-14
Jon Watte (jwatte @ kvr forums)

This book/forum intends to describe the development of the Simple Audio Plugin Specification (SAPS for short), which serves two purposes:

  1. It allows plug-in developers to develop for one API, and host in a number of different hosts. The target APIs for support are:
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More PIX for Windows problems. This time, I think it's NVIDIA's fault.

It seems to me as if PIX for Windows, and its integration with the NVIDIA device drivers, has just gone downhill during the last year or so. I have a single project, which can demonstrate bugs both in the latest NVIDIA graphics drivers, and in the PIX tool itself.

The RayCar ODE physics demo (with source code)

The ODE physics library ( has been around for a long time. Often, people ask "how do I do a good arcade car" or "how do I do a good character simulation" using ODE.

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A mountain!

Here is a model (in .X format and .max source file format) and texture for a mountain, 500x500 meters in size, 100 meters tall.
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More XNA hacking

I've been hacking on XNA again. This time, I built a car simulation out of rays and a tire friction model. I'm using JigLibX for collision detection and force integration, but I'm not using the built-in car simulation, as it didn't get me the response I needed.

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3D Geometry Transform Pipeline Overview

Geometry rasterization is about transforming vertices, which in the end make up the corners of triangles, which get rendered on the screen (very simply put).

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