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The mad ravings of a lunatic.
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Engrish is funny

One of the Google Adsense advertisers that showed up on this site have a sign-up page with the following beautiful ad copy on it. You'd think that if you had the money to develop a computer game, and host servers, and pay for advertising, you could find someone to proof-read your Engrish for another $50...

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Microsoft Connect issues

Microsoft has the Connect site, which works as a public feature request and bug report database for most of Microsofts products. At times, I do file bug reports on that site. The bugs have a "vote" feature, where the Microsoft groups apparently may pay more attention to a bug with higher votes.

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The onward march of complexity (LRBni)

It used to be, a microprocessor was simple. It had instructions like "Load the accumulator from the address stored in the X register (LDA(X))." Or "Add register B to register A (ADD B, A)." And that was pretty much it. Time marched on, and we got more esoteric instructions, like "load effective address of scaled register indirect with offset" (LEA eax, [ebx*8+ecx]).

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XNA, light mapping, specular

I've been working on a GPU accelerated light map generator for XNA for a little while. I'm using the light map only to tell shadow/light for each surface for each light, and then solving the basic light equation (ambient + diffuse + specular + emissive) per pixel, multiplied by shadow.

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Can't get custom MFC CSettingsStore to work :-(

I want to implement my own CSettingsStore that stores data in a file in local application data, rather than the registry. (I note that the documentation claims this is a good idea from a security point of view, but I'm doing it for other reasons).

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Ah, yes, GCC and MSVC... Or, two compiler bugs in two hours.

Why is it that seemingly every week-end project ends up in tears and teeth gnashing over broken tools, instead of sweet progress? Why do computer companies keep cramming useless features into bloatware, instead of just making what they have, actually work?

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More PIX for Windows problems. This time, I think it's NVIDIA's fault.

It seems to me as if PIX for Windows, and its integration with the NVIDIA device drivers, has just gone downhill during the last year or so. I have a single project, which can demonstrate bugs both in the latest NVIDIA graphics drivers, and in the PIX tool itself.

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A really rough week-end (bugs in HLSL, XNA and PIX for Windows)

I had a rough week-end. Well, no, no laid-off engineer entered our offices and shot people dead, and my house didn't burn down, but still.

Life just doesn't live up to the hype

I don't get it -- why can't things work the way they are supposed to?

I recently had a birthday, and bought myself a shiny new Logitech diNovo Edge bluetooth keyboard for my home theater PC (which is a Mac Mini running Vista Ultimate). Totally not necessary, but hey: birthday!

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A few application performance sins

I use and try out a lot of software, just by doing a lot of different kinds of work. I edit audio, I draw vector graphics, I edit photos and textures, I edit 3D models, I work on presentations, spreadsheets and written documents. Then, I do work as a software programmer, with an IDE, text editor, debugger, and the actual program I'm debugging.

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