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The mad ravings of a lunatic.
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So you want to be a game developer?

Once in a while, I'll hear a question like "I'm tired of flipping burgers/school/my job as a sewer cleaner; how do I get into games programming?" Some people will say "don't do that -- game developers are treated like the scum of the earth, and careers are brutal and under-paid." I think that doesn't quite capture reality, though.

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VMWare Workstation DNS doesn't work right

VMWare workstation is in many ways a great product. It allows you to do all kinds of nifty set-ups that let multiple virtual machines talk to each other and the rest of the world, within the confines of your local PC.

However, there are some problems with it. I have a couple of virtual machines that I use as a sandbox for developing networked applications at work. These are hosted inside a Dell Inspiron XPS 1330 laptop. The laptop travels between networks frequently. At work, it's usually plugged in, but sometimes gets un-plugged and goes on wireless-G. On the train, it goes on a Sprint WAN card. At home, it generally goes on another wireless-G network.

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An update on Dell Inspiron XPS 1340 memory leak problems

Here's a new perfmon graph of the memory leak progress over half a day that I'm seeing on my computer. It's definitely *something* slowly eating my memory. But it doesn't show up in the process monitor.

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Dell Inspiron XPS 1340 laptop experience

For work, I'm using a Dell Inspiron 1340 laptop. It's a wonderful piece of machinery, with Windows 7 professional 64-bit, a Core 2 Duo with 6 MB of cache, 4 GB of 1066 MHz RAM, 128 GB SSD and (this is the key) an NVIDIA 9400M and a G210M working in tandem (SLI) to get me a 13" laptop that scores 5.8 on Windows Experience Index. Yay technology!

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Healthcare Reform

Politics. I often try to stay away from it in writing, because it'll come back to haunt you later. However, at this point, what I hear and read about healthcare reform makes me sad. But first, let me set the stage:

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Software quality rant

Last week-end, I lost the boot disk for my Linux server. Mostly, that server just serves as a file server for MP3 files, photos and ripped DVDs these days, but not being able to listen to music or watch movies does cramp your style a little bit.

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Software Outsourcing and Mass Form Email -- a funny combination!

If you combine software outsourcing (seldom a good idea) with bulk form email (also not a good idea), what do you get? Can two wrongs make an unny-fay?

funny bulk email

Really gives you a good feeling for the quality of work these people do, right?

Funding a game project

Every once in a while, a new game developer will ask himself The Question. And, if he realizes that he doesn't have the answer himself, he will often go online and ask The Question of some web forum or mailing list.

What is The Question, you may ask yourself?

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