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Telling computers to do things.
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Win32 Programming Basics: A Simple Application

Todays assignment is to get a red block on the screen of a Win32 program.

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PC Timers -- why it's so hard to keep time

On PC hardware, there are basically three timers that are generally available. Neither of them is very reliable

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How to profile your program using Intel's VTune profiler

Quick VTune Tutorial

VTune kicks butt. It's a sampling profiler made by Intel, so it can't give you a call trace, but it's so low-impact that you can profile anything, and it'll tell you where you're spending all of your time on a microscopic level.

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memcpy() comparison with SSE

This program measures bandwidth of memcpy() versus bandwidth of a simple SIMD-using assember implementation, just to show that memcpy() really is quite sucky (at least the version included in MSDEV 6.0sp5)

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Memory bandwidth optimization

Note that what I'm saying is sort of x86-centric, with specific illustration for Pentium II/III, although it'll also work on AMD and even on other platforms (like PowerPC). The more PC/workstation like the platform, the more truth this holds. DSPs with SRAMs aren't anything like this, though -- programmer beware.

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