Bad font antialiasing in WPF menu items

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I'm using WPF 3.5, Visual Studio 2008 SP1, and developing for Windows XP SP3.

No matter what I do, the menu bar and menu items of my application are ugly, blurry, anti-aliased. WinForms, MFC and Win32 applications however have nice, crisp, clear menu items.

I've tried checking the "align to device pixels" box, but it only gives a marginal improvement.

I searched this forum, and came up blank. I searched the blogosphere/google, and came up blank. Surely I can't be the only person who find this highly annoying? I can't ship an app that looks like that.

Look at the "All" at the bottom of this menu, or the "File" in the menu bar, and compare to the good, regular Win32 menu on the right:

screen shot of bad wpf menu font  screen shot of good Win32 menu font

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good-menu-font.png14.93 KB