Wavemix -- a simple command-line wave file mixing tool for Windows

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Wavemix is a command line WAVE file mixer. It is somewhat intelligent about mixing
multiple channels and might even be able to re-sample various sample rates. The
source code is included (requires STK to build).

Usage: wavemix [/SR 44100] [/16] [/GAIN g] infile1.wav ... outfile.wav

Supports at most 19 input files and one output file.
Always overwrites the last file name. Requires at least three file names.
/SR xxxx sets sample rate of output file; default 48000; min 2000, max 200000.
/16 outputs 16-bit files; default float.
/GAIN g sets the gain (in dB) for the next file(s); default is to normalize -3 dB per input file.

Built Jan 1 2009 by jwatte. Placed in the public domain. paypal.com@mindcontrol.org
I take no responsibility for any use (or lack of use) of this code.

This version fixes a bug with large files being truncated.

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