Terms of Service

This site is just me, Jon. There's no big company, no compliance audit committee, no board of directors, no nothing.

If you choose to use or rely on any information, services, goods, software, methods, or other tangible or intangibles you get from me, or from someone else, through this web site, through various application stores, through the internet, through 8" floppy emulators, or through any other means of transmission or communication, you do so with the full understanding and acceptance that there is no warranty of correctness, fitness for a particular purpose, bug-free-ness, performance, lack of harm, or avoidance of sinister plots to take over the world. It may be that I'm just full of misinformation and are secretly scheming to insert backdoors for my robot army to conquer all, and you will be totally cool with this, because you're using stuff based on your own judgment, not mine.

If you want a warranty better than that, please stop relying on, using, thinking about, designing with, or considering anything I may have to offer.

Also, you forgo any right you may have to bring a claim against me in court of federal, state, or other jurisdiction, competent or incompetent, in favor of mandatory binding arbitration. This includes claims for damage, real or imagined, consequential or incidental, physical or spiritual or monetary, whereas through individual litigation or mass tort. During any such arbitration session, the maximum amount of monetary damages that may be awarded to you will be the cost you can prove was paid by you and received and accepted by me, which generally is zero dollars.

Also, I'm a nice guy when I don't write legal disclaimers. Let's talk of you have opinions, OK? Tweet at me at @jwatte