Problem exporting .x files to xna

Greetings, so here is my dilemma:

I've tried to export a rigged mesh from 3ds Max 2011 to an XNA project using the KW X-port, but every time I do I get the same error "Input model does not contain a skeleton".

Some additional info:
1- Mesh was created in Maya and exported to 3ds max using .fbx
2- Rigged in 3ds Max
3- The X file doesn't have a "template XSkinMeshHeader" or "template SkinWeights" //it was not generated idk why
4-My Frame template is my "Bone_root_pelvis" and right after the FrameTransformMatrix there is a relative keyword : "FrameTransformMatrix relative { 0.000000 ...."
5- Exporting workflow: select root bone and other bones only -> File -> Export -> Export selected -> export default geometry, default Materials and added animations to the Export Animation setting
6- I've tried to export a simple cylinder with 2 bones and a 5 frames animation for testing purposes but the same thing happened.
7- The game that I'm developing has a .x model and it works

Well that's all that I can think of right now, I'm way over my head :) on this I've tried everything and I my capstone project (the game that I'm working on) is due in 2 weeks.

Please could I get some help, pointers, hints, divine illumination, etc; it would be greatly appreciated

Thank you