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This is the fourth release of the KiloWatt Animation library, as of 2011-02-13. It is intended as a companion to the kW X-port 3ds Max X file exporter, to be used with Microsoft XNA Game Studio. This release is for version 4.0 for Windows and Xbox 360. Sorry, Windows Phone 7 doesn't support custom shaders. It might be possible to update the processor to use the built-in skinned mesh shader -- keep in touch for future possibilities!

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The most important feature update is the animation processor, which now will remove sequences of identical keyframes from the end of an animation, to work around the "one second minimum length" bug. Yay! There may also be a working octree-based triangle mesh collider processor included, but if so, it's totally not a supported part of kW Animation (it's still released under the same license).

The KiloWatt Animation Library is different from the XNA Skinning sample code in several ways, including:

  • KiloWatt Animation stores animation keyframes as position, rotation and scale (for a total of 10 floats), instead of the full matrix used by the Animation Components.
  • KiloWatt Animation removes unnecessary keyframes (down to a tolerance that you can specify), for a usually quite significant savings in file size.
  • KiloWatt Animation does interpolation between animation keyframes using quaternions, which means that slow-motion and varispeed playback will still look smooth.
  • KiloWatt Animation supports composition (blending) of animations to generate the final output pose for a given Model.
  • KiloWatt Animation replaces the Effect used for your Model only when you tell it to.
  • KiloWatt Animation does not make any specific demands of your geometry; you can (and should) use it to animate rigid objects such as windmills, catapults etc. in addition to skinned meshes.

Release 2011-02-12 is updated for XNA 4.0, and the projects are re-built for Visual Studio 2010.

Find more documentation in the download, and please let me know what works for you and what doesn't. Note, however, that this is a power tool for programmers who understand 3D animation; it is not a step-by-step tutorial on the basics of what skinning, skeletons or animation blending are.

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