An update on Dell Inspiron XPS 1340 memory leak problems

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Here's a new perfmon graph of the memory leak progress over half a day that I'm seeing on my computer. It's definitely *something* slowly eating my memory. But it doesn't show up in the process monitor.

memory leaks in windows 7 on dell inpsiron xps 1340

If there was a process that grew in size to match the chart here, I'd know what to do, but there isn't. Here's a snapshot during normal idle time:

procmon snapshot before the leak is bad

And here's a snapshot after I'm out of memory and have to reboot:

procmon snapshot when the leak is bad

I wish I could still enable Pool Tagging and use poolmon to see who's eating up all that memory. What's the equivalent for the Vista/Win7 kernel? (The XP-era tools don't work)