HouseMaker -- simple cutout creation from texture images

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Recently, I had the need to turn a hundred different texture images into "profiles." A profile, in this case, was a 2D shape that follows the outline of some feature in the texture (like a house facade), texture mapped with that feature. Rather than build them all in a modeler such as 3ds Max, and separately exporting them, I came up with a simple tool for loading a bunch of images, building those profiles straight on a copy of the image using clicking, saving all the profiles I've built (for later re-use or editing), and exporting to a bunch of .DAE (collada) or .X files in one fell swoop.

I figured someone else might be interested in this simple tool, too, so here's a simple installer that will install it on your Windows machine. XNA framework not needed, but .NET framework 3.5 is needed.

Quick usage description:
0. Install and start the program.
1. Press "Add" to select and add a folder of images.
2. Double-click an image from the left.
3. Click the "Make" button. This moves the image to the right, and creates a simple square outline.
4. Edit the square outline. You can add new vertices on an existing edge by double-clicking on that edge, and then move the vertex where you want it.
5. You can set the height of the image (not just the used part) in the text box on the tool bar. I use "feet" as my unit, but you can choose whatever you want, and the output will be scaled appropriately.
6. You can select what kind of profile to create for each defined profile: Extruded (with edges/thickness), 2D, 2D two-sided or cruciform.
7. To export profiles for all the images on the right, press the Export button. You give a name ending in .DAE or .X. The actual output DAE or X files will be named based on the name you give, as well as the input image name.

You can save a file of profiles and un-edited images for later re-use using the save/load buttons on the tool bar.

Legalese: This program is released free of charge in the hope that it might be useful to someone. It comes without any warranty or guarantee of any kind, including any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. It may work for you. It may also decide to eat your hard disk. You explicitly agree to hold the author of the program harmless from any use of the program that you make, or any use that you are unable to make, and any special, consequential, incidental or follow on damage resulting thereof. Some jurisdictions to not allow these exclusions; this program is not licensed for use in such jurisdictions and you must not use it in such a jurisdiction.

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