Havok Content importer for XNA Game Studio 3.1

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Included, please find two DLLs: A main Havok content tools wrapper, and a simple C# assembly that actually exposes a content importer for use with XNA Game Studio version 3.1. Drop these in your solution folder, and point your content project at the HavokImporter.dll assembly (add as a Reference to the Content project). Then you can add .hkx files to your Content project, and use as meshes as usual.

This is a work in progress. It current can import static meshes and scenes exported through the free Havok Content Tools from the Havok Animation / Behavior / Physics libraries available at www.havok.com. Animations are also imported, but not yet tested. The biggest missing feature is skinned mesh support -- no such support is yet present.

In the future, this importer may also support lights and cameras, as those are supported in the Havok file format.

Unfortunately, the default Havok file format does not support multiple animations per file. Thus, you'll have to import one file per animation, and merge them yourself. Also, Havok does not support morph animations / blend shapes, so no such support is possible in this importer, at least without extending the Havok filter tools.

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