What is this I don't even? Android Google sign-in hell.

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I recently changed the password for my two non-work Google accounts. As part of that, my Android smartphone (a Samsung Galaxy II with Android 4.3) got signed out of all of its Google services, and started asking me to log in. There are several problems with trying to complete this that makes me believe Googlers aren't actually using this themselves -- it's basically impossible to accomplish this task. Some problems:

After asking me to sign in, Google Play says "you have to sign in from the web" and sends me to the web. The 16-character random password that I entered is now lost, and I have to re-enter it.

Most of the time, while I'm in the middle of trying to enter said 16-character random-letter password, the sign-in dialog appears again, with an empty password field, and I have to start over.

Once I've successfully re-entered the password, I'm sent to the two-factor auth page. From here, I have to switch over to the two-factor auth app. That app seems to work fine -- but, when I switch back to the web signin, it starts over from the password flow!

Except, when it crashes to desktop instead.

Don't believe me it can be this bad? See this sequence of screen shots I've captured before I gave up for now:

android-signin-hell-001.png android-signin-hell-002.png android-signin-hell-003.png android-signin-hell-004.png android-signin-hell-005.png android-signin-hell-006.png android-signin-hell-007.png android-signin-hell-008.png android-signin-hell-009.png android-signin-hell-010.png android-signin-hell-011.png android-signin-hell-012.png android-signin-hell-013.png android-signin-hell-014.png android-signin-hell-015.png android-signin-hell-016.png android-signin-hell-017.png android-signin-hell-018.png android-signin-hell-019.png android-signin-hell-020.png

This look basically keeps repeating with some variation.

I try to never use swear words. There are better ways of expressing what you need to convey. However, at this point: "WTF what is this I don't even?"